153 Kinerja, Budaya Organisasi dan Gaya Kepemimpinan: Studi pada SMA Swasta DKI Jakarta

Mangiring Lumban Gaol, Hanes Riady


This study aims to determine the type of organizational culture and leadership style of principals who practiced in groups of high-performing schools and groups of low-performing schools, especially private schools in Jakarta region. Organizational culture is a philosophy, and pointed out four characteristics the organizational culture, among others: clan, adhocracy, hierarchy, and market, which binds members of the organization as a whole in order to achieve both individual and organizational goals. Furthermore, leadership style is a pattern of behavior designed to integrate individual interests with the organizational ones, among others: autocratic style, pseudo-democratic, laissez-faire, and democratic leadership style. This study used descriptive analysis with nonparametric statistical Chi-Square (?2). The samples of data were taken using an instrument of questionnaires on 50 school principals/vice principal, using judgmental-convinience sampling technique. The analysis result showed that there were significant differences in organizational cultures that practiced at the group of high-performing schools with the group of low-performing schools. This study also found that there are no significant differences in leadership styles practiced in the groups of high-performance and low-performing schools.


school performance, organizational culture, leadership style

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.32502/jimn.v1i2.321


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