Ulfatin Nur Rahmah, Bambang A Loeneto, Rita Inderawati


This study aimed to find out whether or not there was (1) an improvement significant difference in students’ reading descriptive text achievement before and after they taught using TPRC Strategy, (2) a significant difference in reading descriptive text achievement between students who were taught by using TPRC Strategy and those who are not. The sample of the study was 80 tenth grade students of SMA Negeri 10 Palembang selected by using purposive sampling. This study used quasi-experimental research design with pretest and post of experimental and control groups. The results of this study revealed that their past tense was a significant difference in reading descriptive text achievement between before and after being taught by using TPRC (p-value > 0.05, p-value= 0.000), and there was a significant difference in reading descriptive text achievement between the students who were taught by TPRC strategy and those who were not (p-value > 0.05, p-value= 0.000). It indicated that teaching reading descriptive text by using TPRC could help the students improve their reading achievement.


reading; think; predict; read; and connect; descriptive text

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