Didaktika Biologi: Jurnal Penelitian Pendidikan Biologi

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ISSN 2579-7352 (online)

Didaktika Biologi: Jurnal Penelitian Pendidikan Biologi (Didaktika Biologi as a short name; Biology Didactics, in english) is a journal that contains scientific articles of research results in the field of biological education. Didaktika Biologi is for teachers, lecturers, students, researchers, and practitioners who concentrate and contribute in the field of biological education. Didaktika Biologi is published by Universitas Muhammadiyah Palembang (Muhammadiyah University of Palembang, in english) and managed by Biology Education Study Program. Writing the article refers to the guidelines (template) of Didaktika Biologi. Article can be submitted online via http://jurnal.um-palembang.ac.id/index.php/dikbio/about/submissions#onlineSubmissions


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Vol 3, No 2 (2019): DIDAKTIKA BIOLOGI

Table of Contents

Artikel (Articles)

Muhammad Nanda Utama, Rizka Ramadhani, Silmi Nur Rohmani, Baskoro Adi Prayitno
Nur Hafsa, Amri Amri